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Crack the Case FastMath

Crack the Case FastMath

Be ready for your toughest quant cases!


  • Online Course with 30+ Modules
  • On-demand Video Instruction
  • Real Quant Interview Problems & Solutions
  • Mental Math Exercises & Practice Problems
  • Only $49 for a 1-year subscription
  • Preview 6 modules for free!

Quantitative Problems

icon-bullet-coffeeMarket Sizing and Estimation

icon-bullet-graphBreakeven Analysis

icon-bullet-arrowEconomies of Scale

icon-bullet-chartsChart Reading

icon-bullet-redchartGrowth Rate & Net Present Value Calculations

Techniques for Speed and Accuracy

Math Financial SymbolsQuick percentage estimates

Math Financial SymbolsComplex multiplication

Math Financial SymbolsDifficult division

Math Financial SymbolsApproximation techniques