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Warrington College of Business, University of Florida

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Crack the Case Workshops Crack the Case Level 1 Cases are not just for consulting interviews anymore! Marketing, banking, high tech, healthcare and a variety of other industries are now using cases to differentiate candidates. Our highly engaging workshop will give you a complete overview of how to do well on your cases. You will be challenged to think beyond simple frameworks and learn to handle a variety of analytical problems in your upcoming interviews. This foundational course is perfect for those new to case interviews, as well as students with basic to intermediate skills. Attend one of [...]

Texas A&M University Mays Business School Marketing

Mays Business School, Wehner Building 210 Olsen Blvd., College Station

Crack the Case Workshops Crack the Case Marketing - Beyond the 4 P's Excited about marketing jobs, but challenged by the thought of case interviews? Crack the Case Marketing is an action-packed, high participation workshop that will build your problem-solving skills and your excitement about marketing cases. Learn more... Watch these two videos before the workshop. 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

Bayes Business School

Virtual Session Virtual Session - Online Only Interview Logic is a holistic guide to preparing for your behavioral interviews and showcasing five key areas for employers: Leadership, Organization, Goals, Integration and Communication. Learn more... 26 August; 14.00-17.00 BST Location: Online – Zoom Platform Please use a PC, laptop or tablet with the camera and microphone enabled. This is an interactive session where participation is required. We will use the Zoom room break-out feature for in-class partner exercises.

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