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Pricing and FAQs

Case Interview Coaching: Pricing and FAQs


  • Our standard coaching package is three hours for $930 with follow-on sessions available for $275 each.
  • Each 1-hour session includes SKYPE call, practice case, debrief of case, follow-up notes and video.


Is case interview coaching in person or by phone?

Our coaching is by Skype video conference and/or phone. Clearly, meeting in person would be ideal but as our business has expanded globally, webcam video coaching has become necessary. We have helped land many clients at BCG, McKinsey, Bain, Booz, AT Kearney, Accenture, and many other large companies and boutique firms, through video interface only.

How can you help on the interpersonal part of the case interview if you don’t meet me in person?

The combination of your resume, voice and webcam video are usually enough to give me a very clear picture of your image and the interviewer’s likely first impression of you. I will give you feedback on these perceptions and we will discuss how different management consulting firms may perceive your experience and personality (e.g. McKinsey vs. BCG). I have worked with over 700 clients and have a lot of tips I can give you to make that first impression the best one possible.

How do we conduct a case interview session by webcam?

After you have signed up and scheduled your coaching appointments, we typically go through the following process:

  • Call your coach’s Skype ID at the scheduled time. Remember to account for changes in time zone. (David is in the Central time zone (Chicago), Michelle is in the Eastern time zone, and Deborah is in the Central time zone.)
  • Have a pen/ pencil and a few sheets of blank paper for the case. During your real case interviews, you will be able to use pen and paper only. Calculators or computers are not allowed. We will give you original cases (not found in Crack the Case System) during our session. We have several to choose from and will select one according to your progress or specific needs.
  • Take additional notes on our feedback at the end of our time. We’ll be taking notes as well and will e-mail them to you at the end of the case interview session. Most of the time these notes will be typed directly into the case or appended to the end of the case. We also film a short video with feedback for you to watch at your convenience. (Click for sample video.)
  • Review the notes and follow through on any homework assignments. After every session we will recommend ways to improve. Do your best to follow through on these assignments as they can make a big difference in your performance over time. Doing well on case interviews is a skill, and practicing is the fastest way to improve.

Can you guarantee me a management consulting offer?

If I could make that kind of guarantee the fee would be your sign-on bonus at least! What I can guarantee is consistency in your case interview performance. To gain an offer from a management consulting firm like McKinsey, Bain, or BCG you’ll need to crack about 4-6 cases. To do well on so many cases will require consistency and mental endurance. As you work with me, we can develop techniques that will help you perform more consistently across a variety of case interview questions and across a variety of management consulting firms. As an aside, many of my clients have told me that the feedback I gave them on their thinking and communication skills was invaluable and had a large impact on their ability to do well in their current job.

What kind of cases do you give?

None of the cases given during our coaching sessions are in Crack the Case System or sold elsewhere. They are original cases designed by each coach to challenge your logic, math and overall communication skills. The cases cover a variety of industries but are not designed to teach you in depth knowledge about an industry. Instead, the industry is a backdrop for practicing the critical skills needed to succeed in your case interviews.

Can you help me with my fit interview as well?

In addition to case interview work, we also work with clients on their “fit” interviews. The fit interview can be trickier than people realize, as interviewers often convert resume fit interviews into mini-case interviews. Therefore you must understand your resume well, and be prepared to explain each of the experiences listed. In a single hour session we can build a logical thread connecting your past experiences to your future goals. We can help you discover and tighten the links between your work experiences, help you highlight the points you want to make, and ensure your responses are clear and succinct.

Do you help your clients write resumes?

We do not help with the crafting of the resume text but will give feedback on how recruiters may respond to your resume.

Do you help with personality test interpretation and general job search coaching?

We do not specialize in these areas.  If you would like to find a career coach who is experienced in these services, please let us know and we will send you some references.

How do I sign up?

First, fill out our on-line coaching sign-up form to help us understand your needs and interview timing.  We will match you with your desired coach, who will reach out to you to schedule your sessions.

What is your refund policy?

MBACASE will pro-rate your unused sessions and refund the unused portion of your coaching package if the refund request is made within 4 months of the original date of purchase. A 5% processing fee will be deducted from your refund. After 4 months, your unused sessions will remain as credits and can be used at any time up until 12 months from the date of purchase. A refund must be requested within 4 months of the original purchase date. After 4 months, no refunds will be given. Credit for unused hours expire 12 months after original purchase date.