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Crack the Case Workshop for Booth Consulting Club Members Only

This full-day workshop is broken into 2 parts with a half hour lunch break.

David Ohrvall, author of Crack the Case System and founder of MBACASE, will give you a complete overview of how to do well on your cases in this fast-paced workshop. You will be challenged to think beyond simple frameworks, participate often, and learn to handle a variety of analytical problems in your upcoming interviews. You will have the opportunity to practice market sizing, mini and full business cases during the workshop.


Crack the Case Level 1 – for those new to case interviews; a thorough overview of case interview types and techniques, along with opportunities to practice several mini-cases. Maximum of 65 attendees. Learn more…
Time: 9:00am-12:30pm

Crack the Case Level 2* – in part 2 we’ll dive deeper into the communication and analytic techniques that will help you succeed in your interviews. Maximum of 65 attendees. Learn more…
Time: 1:00pm-4:00pm

Location: Online – Zoom Platform

  • Please use a PC, laptop or tablet with the camera and microphone enabled.
  • This is an interactive session where participation is required. We will use the Zoom room break-out feature for in-class partner exercises.

Watch these two videos before the workshop.


Watch these two videos before the workshop.

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