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Crack the Case: Mastering Case Interviews

Case Interview Prep Workshops

80-90 minute introductory workshops for Wharton students who want to kick off their case prep and understand more of what they need to do to prepare for cases that may appear in a variety of interviews, not just consulting.

Themes that will be emphasized in the plenary include:
> How and why your interviewer will assess both analytical and communication skills. How to practice and show off both skills.
> Trends in evaluation: heavy emphasis on leadership, persuasion, and clearly communicated fit with the target firm. More companies are following the consulting approach of drilling several layers into a story to better understand motivation and patterns of behavior. I’ll outline the best methods for structuring stories to meet what interviewers want while also showing off your natural logic.
> Case basics: market sizing vs. typical business cases
Business case flow through the 3 major zones: structuring, analytics and integration.
How to practice each section and mark your progress.
> Partner drills: How to be Answer First (communication), quick market sizing (analytics) and basic structuring on two popular case types.
> Group drills: How to show your work effectively, how to analyze a slide, how to cope with a “data dump” and how to end a case effectively.

Attend one of the two identical workshops. See November 2nd for the first workshop.

Location: Online – Zoom Platform

  • Please use a PC, laptop or tablet with the camera and microphone enabled.
  • This is an interactive session where participation is required. We will use the Zoom room break-out feature for in-class partner exercises.

Watch these two videos before the workshop.


Watch these two videos before the workshop.

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