Join expert trainers David Ohrvall and Deborah Resnick along with a group of your motivated peers in our Crack the Case Fall Camp! This high-engagement course will transform your case interview skills. You’ll meet with David or Deborah each week to tackle the skills you need to turn interviews into offers.

Each 90-minute session will include a communication warm-up, training on key concepts, a practice case and debrief, and weekly cases and homework assignments to complete with a practice partner. During the weekly office hours you can ask questions and get specific feedback on your current and upcoming interviews.

You’ll make huge progress, build confidence, and be ready for your toughest interviews!

“David and Deborah, I received an offer from McKinsey last week! Crack the Case Summer Camp definitely helped me take my case performance to the next level. Another thing that really helped me was practicing cases with folks of other schools. Each school has a slightly unique case performance style. The summer camp helped me observe and learn new styles, enabling me to come up with the most effective style. Thanks for all the help and support.”

Tepper MBA, McKinsey Offer

“David, great news! I just got an offer from LEK. Summer Camp was instrumental in getting me to this point. Thanks for all your help!” 

NYU Stern MBA, LEK Offer

“And a final update…I got a call 2 hours after my virtual super day and I got the offer, McKinsey Dallas!!! Thank you so much for the support and for pushing me harder than I thought was possible.”

UT McCombs Undergrad, McKinsey Offer

“David, good news! I got the ZS offer. I was able to power through their exhibits and extreme data thanks to Summer Camp. I made it to the final round with McKinsey, but didn’t get the offer. But I am really happy about ZS. Thanks for everything.”

Duke MBA, ZS Offer

“David and Deborah, I made it to the final round at Bain, but did not get an offer. However, I did get an offer from Oliver Wyman, which I recently accepted. Thank you so much for setting a strong foundation for me in terms of casing! It really helped throughout this process.”

Amherst Undergrad, Oliver Wyman Offer




“Participating in the Crack the Case Summer Camp gave me such a strong foundation going into my first year at NYU Stern- I would be so overwhelmed if I was trying to start from scratch on casing at this point in the recruiting process, and I cannot emphasize enough how valuable David’s process was for me this summer. I feel so much more calm about the process than I otherwise might have been, and incredibly confident in my skillset moving forward.”
NYU Stern MBA, Strong Foundation

“I would describe my experience as transforming because I could finally understand the case multi-layered structure and its many nuances that are key to master in order to crack the case and give a good impression to the interviewers.”

INSEAD MBA, Transforming
“Amazing! David is the best teacher ever.”
UT McCombs Undergrad, Best teacher ever

“An exceptional, thorough way to prepare for interviews.”

Wharton MBA, Exceptional
“It was amazing. David and Deborah (and the whole CTC team) were great!”
NYU Stern MBA, Amazing

The keys to your 7-week transformation:

  • 10.5 hours of teaching over 7 weeks (3 time slots to choose from each week)

  • Guided practice schedule with 2 new partner cases each week (~1 hour)

  • Weekly video, homework, and cases posted on a private member site

  • 7 hrs. of Q&A with David and Deborah

  • An assigned cohort of 8-10, grouped by skill; easy access to highly motivated partners  

  • Bonus: $179 Interview LOGIC behavioral video course & 1.5-hour webinar


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  • Limited to 100 Students