Case Homework Video Series

Pre-Workshop Videos

#1 Communicate Well to Crack your Case

Meet David Ohrvall, author of Crack the Case System, and learn some powerful tips on Communication and Structure.

#2 Structure with Block, Break & Ask

Be ready for your Crack the Case workshop by learning how to structure with Block, Break & Ask.

Post-Workshop Videos

#3 Structure Using Business Magazines

Learn to structure any business problem with the help of short business articles and the Block, Break & Ask technique.

#4 Build Skills with Profit Trees

Work with David on the initial profit structure for Casual Cafe, a campus eatery that is facing problems. Download the case pdf here.

#5 Improve Rapidly with Case Starts

Did you know that you only have about 5-7 minutes to impress your interviewer? Mastering your "case start" is your highest priority.

#6 Anticipate Data to Crack Cases Faster

Build consistent analysis skills by anticipating data before your interview gives it to you.

#7 Integration: Use Your Notes to Pull It Together

Taking notes is more than just scribbling your thoughts. Use these insights from David to ensure you find all the integration points at the end of the case.

#8 How to Practice Like a Real Interviewer

Are you a bit too friendly when you practice your cases? Most students are, and that's a mistake. Learn some tips on how to act like a real interviewer.