Problem Solving During the Interview with David Ohrvall
(2 hours)

Cases are not just for consulting interviews anymore. They now show up in all types of interviews. Non-profit, social impact, government, research, marketing, operations, health care, banking and high tech industries are now using cases to differentiate candidates.

David will give you a complete overview of the types of cases you’ll face and how to do well on your cases in this fast paced workshop. You will be challenged to build communication, structure, analysis and integration skills while solving a variety of cases.

Themes the workshop will cover:

  • Why case problems are showing up in all industries and what you should expect
  • Insights on how the interviewer will evaluate you and the skills you need to show
  • How to flow through a typical case using CSAI:
    • Communicating in an Answer First, succinct and data oriented approach
    • Structuring using the Block, Break & Ask technique
    • Analyzing and prioritizing data that will answer your question
    • Integrating your structure and data into a confident recommendation
  • What to expect and how to solve market sizing, data oriented problems using the SPEAK Method

Be ready to participate, learn and feel confident about your case interviews!