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Crack the Case Level 1 Plenary Plus 2-Hr Workshops

Crack the Case Level 1 Plenary Plus Two Hour Workshops
(90 min. Plenary+ with one or two, 2 hour Follow-on workshops)       

Cases are not just for consulting interviews anymore. They are now showing up in all types of interviews. Marketing, banking, high tech, health care and a variety of other industries are now using cases to differentiate candidates.  Our talented presenters will give you a complete overview of how to do well on your cases in a fast paced workshop. You will be challenged to think beyond simple frameworks and be prepped to handle a variety of analytical problems in your upcoming interviews. Please note, this session will be the foundation for your case interview prep. They will cover the following in this introductory overview:

  • Why case problems are showing up in all industries and what you should expect
  • Insights on how the interviewer will evaluate you and the CLASSIC skills you need to show
  • Market sizing and estimation case tips using a simple, but effective method (SPEAK Method) that ensures you solve the problem while articulating your ideas
  • 13 video clips highlighting the patterns of a business case interview, showing the back and forth between an ex-BCG manager and an experienced, successful candidate
  • Overview of the typical moments in the case where you need to show integrated thinking and analytics
  • Next steps for case preparation

2 Hour Workshop*

After the plenary overview you’ll have the chance to take your skills deeper with case practice during a 2 hour workshop. You will be expected to participate quite a bit so come ready to work!

Market Sizing and Mini Cases
(60 minutes)

  • Our presenters will outline some great ways to build consistency on your market sizing cases. He’ll then introduce you to the concept of using your own integrated framework and how you can build your case skills for all business cases.
  • Turn any case start into a MECE structure (Mutually Exclusive Collectively Exhaustive)
  • Think in an integrated manner and be ready to take on any business case
  • Learn how to manage your notes, analysis and structure while communicating to your interviewer

Managing Data and Full Cases
(60 minutes)

Now the group will get down to work and solve a full, analytical case. This case is unique and not found in the book, Crack the Case System. With the help of volunteers and lots of group participation, you will:

  • Participate in a live mock interview
  • Practice qualitative and quantitative aspects of the case using handouts and “data dumps”
  • Break down numbers to gain insights
  • Learn how to use your notes and data effectively to generate conclusions quickly

* For a full day event this 2 hour will be offered twice, for two different groups.