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Crack the Case Level 1a

Crack the Case Level 1 (half day, 3 hours)

Cases are not just for consulting interviews anymore. They are now showing up in all types of interviews. Marketing, banking, high tech, health care and a variety of other industries are now using cases to differentiate candidates. Our talented presenters will give you a complete overview of how to do well on your cases in this fast paced workshop. You will be challenged to think beyond simple frameworks participate often, and learn to handle a variety of analytical problems in your upcoming interviews.

Case Overview / Communication, Logic & Analytics  60 minutes

  • Our presenters will kick-off at a fast pace with topics like:
    • What the interviewer really wants
    • How to show off the CLASSIC skills that interviewers need to see during the full interview process
    • How to develop answer first IMPACT stories about your background that show you are logical and ready to solve cases
    • How to use your notes and natural logic to break down problems and solve tough problems
  • Homework after this session: 12 IMPACT examples, logic exercises and CLASSIC skill weaknesses identifier

Market Sizing Practice and Integrated Thinking 60 minutes

  • Our presenters will outline some great ways to build consistency on your market sizing cases with the SPEAK method and let you practice with a partner.
  • They’ll then introduce you to the concept of using your own integrated framework and how you can approach a variety of business cases:
    • How to predict the next step in the case using the MBACASE Case Path
    • Think in an integrated manner and be ready to take on any business case
    • How to develop your own structured approach using common-sense and good logic
    • Learn how to manage your notes, analysis and structure while communicating to your interviewer
    • Use the FRAME method to determine soft spots that need additional drilling and improvement
  • Homework after the session will include analyzing the same market sizing cases from a different angle and developing a personal approach to your notes and problem structuring
  • Includes a 15 minute break

Solving Mini and Full Business Cases 60 minutes

Now the group will put these concepts into practice and solve a mini and a full, analytical business case.  Both cases are unique and not found in the book Crack the Case.  With the help of volunteers and lots of group participation, you will:

  • Practice developing an approach to both cases and understand common structuring pitfalls
  • Practice qualitative and quantitative aspects of the case using handouts and “data dumps”
  • Break down numbers to gain insights
  • Learn how to use your notes and data effectively to generate conclusions quickly
  • Homework after the session will include reviewing both cases in part and then redoing them. Additional free cases that will reinforce the concepts learned will be available for download