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Crack the Case Level 2 – Full Day

Crack the Case Level 2 (one group, full day)

Expanding on the Crack the Case Level 2 half day agenda, this format allows time for more practice and additional cases.  Ideal as a follow-up for a focused group of students who are confident they’ll face cases and need to be challenged to drill and push their skills to the next level.

Review Key Level 1 Concepts – CLASSIC and SPEAK

45 Min
Quick review, then break into small groups and work on Answer First communication

Market sizing cases

30 Min
Break into small groups and work on quickly getting to a number and explaining logic; SPEAK

Review Key Level 1 MVM and FRAME & Structuring Drills

30 Min
Quick review of the six most common structuring situations

15 minute break

Review Data Pool Techniques (new)

15 Min
Review different techniques you want to practice to do well in the “data pool”

Data Pool Drills

45 Min
Noble Line Travel slides (example)
Clark & Gable Shoes slides (example)
Data dump drills, no slides

60 minute lunch break

Integration and Recommendation Drills

45 Min
Review slide that shows key facts, or read some, and have volunteers pull together their Final Recommendations

Quick Mini-Cases (break-even analysis, strategic roll-out, growth strategy)

1 Hour

15 minute break

Full Integration Cases with multiple handouts and data sets

1 Hour


15-30 Min