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Crack the Case Level 2 Small Groups

Crack the Case Level 2 Small Groups (1 or 2 hour versions)*

Are you ready to take your case skills to the next level? Crack the Case Small Groups offers you a chance to work directly with one of our talented presenters. Each session will consist of 1 or 2 hours, with a maximum of 6 attendees per session. It will be very interactive with opportunities for you to present your structure, ask questions, analyze data, solve equations, interpret slides and present your final conclusions.

*for the 1 hour version, do not include Case B


Resume Review
(10 minutes)

  • Brief resume review with the presenter’s interpretation of how your experience and profile will most likely be received by firms. He’ll give you specific ideas on how to address potential concerns.

Case A: Structuring
(20 minutes)

  • Each candidate will have the opportunity to develop an approach to the case problem and present it individually while sitting with the group. Presenter will give individual and group feedback on how to be more case specific and on point from the beginning of the case.

Case A: Analysis, Integration and Recommendation
(30 minutes)

  • After the structuring the pace will accelerate with the group moving through the case, but each person acting independently.
    o    Our presenters are expert facilitators and will keep the discussion moving as each person is called on to   contribute to the analysis.
    o    After hearing the final recommendations from each person, presenter will give critiques on strengths and specific concerns.

Case B
(45 minutes)

  • This case will follow a similar format, but be more “handout heavy” and require each candidate to integrate several disparate pieces.
    o    This case will emphasize finding 2nd level insights, a key skill that helps candidates receive offers.
    o    At the beginning of the case the presenter will play the tough interviewer part, asking specific questions about any area of your background or resume where he believes firms will have concerns.
    o    This questioning is designed to help you know how to tighten up your story and overall approach to the firms.

Recap and Questions
(15 minutes)

  • The presenter will wrap up by addressing any questions you have about the process, case interview training or firms. He’ll also remind you of the most important skills to address going forward.