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Crack the Case Level 2a

Crack the Case Level 2 (half day, 3 hours)

Now it’s time to take your skills to the next level by practicing market sizing cases, structuring your case starts and solving more complex business cases. As follow-on to the Crack the Case Level 1, this event is designed for those who will be interviewing with case intensive firms. You will be expected to participate during the large group time as well as with your in-class partner (randomly assigned). There will be several exercises where you will have the chance to build deeper skills in the areas of structuring, analytics and answer-first communication. Cases for this session will have more difficult math and additional handouts.

Market Sizing Partner Practice

20 minutes, market sizing partner practice and tips on how to handle more unusual estimation cases

Quick Mini-case

20 minutes, mini case as a group to understand some good ways to drill for data and handle charts

Structuring Starts with Prompts with Partner

50 minutes, 8-10 case starts drills with partner. The presenter prompts with question 1A, person A structures a plan and presents to their partner. Next, presenter prompts with question 1B, person B structures a plan and presents to their partner. At the end of each set, the presenter will highlight good answers and best practices.

Data Mining Practice with Partner

30 minutes, presenter prompts with a specific topic where the candidate needs data. One person asks questions while the partner has information that can be shared as appropriate. Each person gets two turns.

Mid-case Structuring and Communicating with Partner

30 minutes, mid-case structuring and communicating with partner. Presenter briefly explains a set of mid-case structures that can be used to refocus a case discussion for discovering additional data. He’ll then give scenarios that each partner can respond to as they structure and ask for more data.

Integration and Final wrap-up with Partner

30 minutes, with the help of hand-outs, presenter will introduce a scenario where several elements need to be combined. Each partner will have the chance to pull their ideas together and present a logical conclusion. Each partner will get a turn and the presenter will provide insights and an example of how to give an on-point, firm recommendation.

  • Includes a 15 minute break