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Crack the Case Train the Trainer

Crack the Case Train the Trainer (Half day-times may vary)

Ready to say “yes” the next time a student asks you to give a business case?  Have fun while building strong case giving skills with one of our case interview experts. Through participation, paired practice, amazing cases and best practice video clips,  they engage your mind, build your skills and keep you laughing. Continue the learning with three new, unpublished cases and free follow-up videos.


  • Train personnel and selected students in their role as case interviewers
  • Build confidence in their ability to give cases to a wide variety of students with different needs
  • Strengthen participants’ abilities to coach strengths and weaknesses in each candidate
  • Give three new cases that can be used throughout the fall.  These cases are not available to the students.
  • Help draft a new case for each participant that is centered on a topic he or she likes.


  • Increased number of cases given by career professionals to students during the interview prep season
  • Skilled interviewers who and advise each other and new personnel on how to give cases better
  • Better coordinated career team that can use a variety of cases to better discern who the best performers are
  • Better prepared students due to more frequent cases with school personnel

Case Interview Trends and the Need to Give More Cases

Why you should be giving cases and how they are gaining popularity in different types of interview settings.

Typical Case Flow and Your Role

During this section, we’ll cover the elements of a good case and what you need to do during each step (brief video clips show best practices).  We’ll review what to look for and how to coach your candidates.

Practice Drills

To better prepare for giving full cases we’ll practice each module of the case separately.  Presenter will highlight tips on how to transition from one part to another and give you the “coach’s eye” for the most important skills to track.

Step by Step Practice

Each participant is paired with a partner and will work through three cases.  Each person gives a case and takes a case for.  Similar to a dance class, we’ll guide participants through each step, helping them with what to say ask and expect.  We’ll use unique, well written cases that employ my SMART interviewer approach (What to Say, How to Manage the Structure, Ask (for data and numbers), Role Play and Track).  This SMART approach is easy to use and is helpful in retaining the material.  All the cases have answers and specific scripts.

Build Your Own Case

Creating your own case about a topic you enjoy is the best way to accelerate your case giving skills.  We’ll work through how to build a case around a topic you know and how to add in analytics that you can manage.

Wrap Up, Q&A

We’ll regroup and recap key insights and tips.  The presenter will advise the group on how to practice going forward.