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Interview Logic

Interview Logic (Half day)

Doing well in your behavioral interviews will take more than just a quick review of your resume and the memorization of a few stories. There are important, logical steps you need to take to ensure you are fully prepared for all questions.  Throughout your interviews you need to make a compelling case to be hired.  Our talented presenters will help you build a strong foundation for all of your interviews with Interview Logic. Interview Logic is a holistic guide to preparing for your behavioral interviews and showcasing five key areas for employers:  Leadership, Organization, Goals, Integration and Communication. Through lots of participation, partner practice and drills you will leave the workshop ready to showcase your skills and make a case to be hired.

30 minutes
Communication is the foundation for all great interviews.  Building good communication skills will be an important thread throughout the workshop. Your presenter will kick off Interview Logic with a focus on:

  • Be Answer First! – learning how to get to the point quickly
  • Tone, pace and touch – how to make your words connect to every person you meet during the interview process
  • Telling a story – how to create interesting, memorable stories that fully engage the interviewer

30 minutes
Evidence of your leadership is everywhere.  You just need to find it and show it:

  • Building your leadership stories
  • Finding gaps and closing them quickly
  • Presenting yourself as the multi-faceted leader

15 minutes

30 minutes
Interviewers want evidence that you can handle details, can self-start on a variety of projects and are in control of a complex job search.  This module will cover:

  • Making sure you have organized and planned for the most important aspects of the job search
  • Conveying that you can manage complex tasks with limited guidance
  • Learning how to ask questions about the company but not drown the interviewer in details

45 minutes
It’s important that you show that you are goal oriented and that your goals will continue once you join your future company.  Your presenter will work with you to build:

  • A story arc that shows how your past, current and future goals tie together
  • A compelling story depicting why your future goals align with your target company

30 minutes
You need to “fit” with the company you are pursuing and your interviewer needs to understand how you will fit.  David will help you:

  • Find links between your experience and background that tie well to your target company
  • Learn how to communicate the specific links and fit elements that interviewers seek