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Talk Like a CEO

Talk Like a CEO Agenda  (Half-day, times vary)

During your interactions with each other, alumni and interviewers you will meet along the way, you need to bring specific skills and content to the discussion.  Talking like a CEO is all about building rapport, showing passion about business, demonstrating interest in your audience and adjusting your content when necessary.  During this intense three hour workshop, through lots of participation and partner practice and drills, you will start to feel more confident in your ability to break down business problems, demonstrate you have depth and fluently weave them into everyday conversations.

During this workshop, you will:

1) Learn how to start a conversation with anyone

2) Learn how to transition from casual to business conversation

3) Build the ability to edit your comments and be concise

4) Understand how to read your audience

5) Show mastery through structure and Answer First

6) Present passion as you discuss what you know

7) Respond to the conversation by adjusting your content.